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                       PREACH ON


If you're preaching from the Bible, preach on.

If you're longing for revival, just preach on.

Preach on sin and condemnation.

Preach for sinners His salvation.

Preach to Christians, consecration; But preach on.


If your sermons from the Lord, preach on.

Never mind if they look bored, just preach on.

If the devil looks down on it,

If the critics frown upon it,

Many souls depend upon it, so preach on.


If you step on someone's corns, well preach on.

Take the bull by the horns, and preach on.

Even though we may not like it,

Even though some may try to fight it,

Where there's wrong the Lord will right it, so preach on.


Let not time be a restriction, just preach on.

If the sinner's got conviction, then preach on.

Christ can save his soul from hell,

Cleanse his heart and make him well;

Even if it's after twelve, just preach on.


From the Law to Revelation, yes, preach on.

Christ for every situation, oh, preach on.

Even if your members doubt it.

And say they can do without it;

If you've talked with God about it, preach on.


Think of Christ's own message clear and preach on.

There for all who wish to hear, oh preach on.

All are sinners, they must know

That His blood did freely flow.

He can wash them white as snow, oh, preach on.


In the Holy Spirit's power, oh preach on.

He'll reward you in his hour, just preach on.

Broken hearts and sin forgiven,

Blessings here so freely given,

And a crown up there in Heaven,

Oh, preach on, preach on, preach on!