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                             Merry Christmas & Happy New Year






It is hard to believe that 2010 has come and gone so fast. We thank our Lord for the privilege of serving Him this year and we look forward to serving Him in 2011.


February 21st was our last Sunday at Valley Falls Baptist Church. We are Thankful that the Lord has allowed us to travel across 11 states preaching and singing for him. What a Blessing! We have enjoyed being with many of you and we are thankful for every place the Lord has allowed us to be.  We have enjoyed working on our web-page. We are so happy that you have visited.We hope you will write us a note. We love getting mail. We hope it has been a blessing to you to see how the Lord has worked and is still working in our lives.


John has enjoyed preaching several Revivals and almost every Sunday, since we began our new Journey. Due to traveling he has not taught at Foothills Theological Schools this year.


Tammy enjoys home-schooling, and doing crafts when time allows. She had the privilege to speak at two Mother-Daughter dinners this year. Tammy is so thankful the Lord has given her another year with all her children together.


John Carl resigned his position as Interim Minister of Music at Fairview Baptist Chruch in Spartanburg, so he could travel with us. He served for 61/2 months and received some good experience. On our Journey, several churches have ask him to lead the music while we were there. What a Blessing! In March the Lord gave John Carl a song entitled "He took my Place". Another Blessing and we are thankful that the Lord is really using it.


Nathanael finished 1 year of Bible School in May. He decided to wait on school for now so he could also travel with us. He celebrated his 2nd year in the Ministry on November 6th and preached his 100th message soon after. Still, another blessing!  We are thankful for all the doors the Lord has opened for him.


The twins are 19 years old.


Isaac is 14 and in the 9th grade. School keeps him very busy. He loves playing his fiddle and singing the lead and bass with the family. He loves making things out of wood. Isaac is a joy to watch in church as he praises the Lord!


Jesse is 9 and in the 3rd grade. He enjoys school and loves singing the high part with the family. He is learning to play the banjo. Jesse continues to bring joy as he sings for the Lord.


We are so thankful that the Lord is using us for His honor and glory! We love Him and love serving Him together as a Family; singing, preaching, and playing our instruments.


We love you and we are thankful for you....Our Family & Friends.


John & Tammy       John Carl, Nathanael, Isaac, & Jesse