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Greetings from the Lancaster's as we celebrate the Birth of our Savor!  We pray for a Christ filled Christmas to you and your family.
John and Tammy have enjoyed being Grandparents over this year, and will have a new grandchild in May.  (Maybe a girl...?)  We will soon find out.
John Carl, Hallie and Carl are excited about their growing family.  John Carl continues to write songs and enjoys singing and being a Dad.  Hallie loves being a Mom and enjoys playing the piano.  Carl loves music, the fiddle, guitar, piano and all his uncles and of course his Grandaddy & Gran!
Nathanael loves doing most of our driving as we travel and is thankful for the many opportunities to preach.
Isaac uses his talents (he's very creative) to encourage fellow Christians.  He loves singing and playing his fiddle.
Jesse is in the 8th grade and he's as tall as his brothers now.  It's a blessing to see the Lord using Jesse's beautiful tenor and lead voice.
What a Blessing to Serve the Lord, together as a family.  We thank Him for another year to Preach His Word and to sing and play our instruments for His Honor and Glory.  We thank you for all your prayers and support for our family.  Because of your faithfulness we have seen precious souls saved and God's people encouraged.
Through the miles, the smiles, the laughter, and the continued dependency we thank the Lord for His grace and mercy and His many blessings.
We have now moved into new areas of technology - smart phones. (lol)  Pray real hard for us!  Because of this you can text us at:  John - 864-680-5613  &
Tammy - 864-381-2644.
We thank you for taking time to view our web-page.
As 2015 comes to an end we look forward to the New Year and to serving the Lord in 2016!   Happy New Year!
May God keep and bless you!
John & Tammy
Nathanael, Isaac, Jesse
John Carl & Hallie