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  Preacher Devin Severt   




Preacher Andy Case

Preacher Daniel Buchanan


Preacher Daniel Stewart

Preacher Charlie Glover


Preacher Earl Farley

Preacher Tony Monk


Preacher Bob Buhl


Preacher Everette Wallace

Went home to be with the Lord 5-3-12


Preacher Steve Dagenhart

Preacher Frankie Taylor


Preacher Mark Dula




Preacher Henry Coley

Preacher Jesse Bradley


Preacher Marcus Benfield

Preacher Larry Holland


Preacher & Mrs. Steve Sisk   (Our Pastor)

Preacher & Mrs.

 Darren Waldroup


Preacher & Mrs.

Stan Wardlaw

Preacher Mike Soop


Preacher Bob McCurry

Preacher Seth Buchanan


Preacher Neal Walker

Preacher Keith Bowman


Preacher Ruel Fox

Preacher Larry Winkler


Preacher Jeff Woods

Preacher Rick Fox


Preacher Chuck Thornton


Carl Southerland


Preacher Jason Payne

Preacher Cody Shew & Preacher Ronnie Miller


Preacher Dale Welch

Preacher John Parker


Preacher Ty Childers


Preacher Dean Honeycutt


Preacher Joe Arthur


Preacher Wayne Logan


Preacher Greg Bray

Preacher David Payne Jr.


Preacher Ronnie Barefield

Preacher Rick Tuttle


Preacher & Mrs.

Mike Bagwell

Preacher & Mrs.

James Price


Preacher Clifford Phillips

Preacher David Lancaster


Preacher Paul Edwards

Preacher Ray Stuart

Went home to be with the Lord January 4, 2016


Preacher Joey Wampler

Preacher Rick Safriet


                 Preacher & Mrs. Jim Rutland

Preacher James Childers


Preacher Jonathon Thacker


Preacher Larry Sprouse


 Preacher Doug Bearden

Preacher & Mrs.

Kenneth Ridings

(Preacher Ridings went home to be with the Lord 3 - 2015)


 Preacher Luther Price

Preacher Frank Huston


 Preacher & Mrs. James Lockee

Preacher Josh Calvert


Preacher John Whittaker

Preacher Bryan Easley


Preacher Alan Wheeler

Preacher Wayland Owens


Preacher Tim Wofford

Preacher Reed Cooper



 Preacher Bruce Wyatt

Preacher William Blanton


Preacher Danny McMahan

Preacher Kenny Mills


Preacher Todd Johnson

Preacher Bill Orren


Preacher & Mrs.

 Eugene Ridley

Preacher Timothy Rupard



 Preacher Tony Finney

Preacher JT Baskins


 Preacher John Fortner

Preacher Phil Raines


Preacher Wayne Wall

Preacher Gary Adkins



 Preacher Jerry Jackson

Preacher Phillip Logan


Preacher E.L. Sharp

Preacher Brent Dula


  Preacher Danny Cannon

Preacher & Mrs.

 Ray Robinson


 Preacher Kenneth Cash

Preacher Cameron Dula


 Preacher Dean Head

Preacher Tim Tripp


 Preacher Doug Woody

Preacher Mark Barnette


 Preacher & Mrs. Ed McAbee

Preacher Jimmy Ramsey


Preacher David Payne Sr.

Preacher Dana Williams


 Preacher Wade Huntley

(Preacher Huntley went home to be with the Lord 2015)

Preacher Phillip Coffey


 Preacher Roy Waldroup

Preacher Steve Griffith



 Preacher & Mrs. Frank Walker

Preacher Milton Taylor


 Preacher Charles Worley

Preacher Shane Jackson


 Preacher Bobby Driggers

Preacher Edgar Paschall


 Preacher Brian Smith

Preacher Keith Neal


Preacher Jon Faucette

Preacher Brad Williams


Preacher & Mrs. Charles Mustian

Preacher Rick Shoemaker


Preacher Terry Warren

Preacher Darren Richardson


Preacher Terrell Crump

Preacher Jeff Harmon


Preacher & Mrs. Mike Johnson

     (Ms. Kathy went home to be with the Lord in Feb. 2014)



Preacher Chip Johnson


Preacher Joe Drum



Preacher Charles Allbrooks


Preacher Jeremy Smith


Preacher Jackie Wood

(Bro. Jackie went home to be with the Lord 3 - 2015)


Preacher Roger Haney



Preacher Tricky Ricky and Randy



Preacher Andy Carrigan


Preacher David Younger

Preacher & Mrs. Buddy Fox


Preacher LB Wyatt


Preacher Rob Pelkey


Preacher & Mrs. Amos Graham


 Preacher Brian Wilson


Preacher Daniel Waters


Preacher Billy Miller


Preacher John Mitchell



Preacher & Mrs. Eddie Smith


Preacher Joe Miller


Preacher Uncle Dallas Renfrow



Preacher & Mrs. Roy Shepherd



Preacher Shane Ezell



  Preacher Brian McBride


Preacher Jim Davis


Preacher Chad Wise


Preacher Terry Allen


Preacher Jimmy Horton


 Preacher Gerald Moss


Preacher Tim Dockery



Preacher Blaine Hudson



Preacher Dale Worthington



Preacher Shane Gunter



Preacher Toby Crowder


Preacher Jobie Borders

Preacher Earnest Steffy


Preacher Donnie Holland



Preacher & Mrs. Lane Finley



Preacher Andy Tully





Preacher Martin Jackson



Preacher Lanney Ard


Preacher Vick Garrison


Preacher Ken Stanley


Preacher Ted Rendall


Preacher Billy Cole


Preacher Don Smith


Preacher Charles Blair


Preacher Jamie Rollins


Preacher Walter Hare


 Preacher Ron Allen


 Preacher David Thomasson


 Preacher Toby Powers


Preacher TJ Cothran

 Preacher Todd Justice


Preacher Bradley Walker


Preacher Heath Williams


Preacher & Mrs. Stan Frye



Preacher Josh Lawson



Preacher & Mrs. JD Glass

Preacher Allen Jackson


Preacher Chuck Harden


 Preacher Tim Fowler


Preacher Jim Bowman


Preacher Robert Ashe  "Sheffy"


Preacher Jared Dixon


Preacher Todd Ayers


 Preacher & Mrs. Tanner Mundy & Oliver


 Preacher Leonard Fletcher


 Preacher CT Townsend


Preacher Connor England


 Preacher Mike Davis


 Preacher JJ McVay


 Preacher Dean Patton


 Preacher Handley Milby


Preacher Marc Williamson




  Preacher Tommy Turner


     Preacher Travis Parker


Preacher & Ms. Raymond Coffey

 Preacher Jerry Nye


 Preacher Ken Carpenter


Preacher Chase Catledge


 Preacher Ronnie Trenton


  Preacher Darren White


 Preacher Joe Hughes


Preacher Keith Kelly


Preacher Jim Carrigan


 Preacher Macon Ballard


 Preacher Don & Ms. Gail McIntyre


Preacher Stephen McLane


  Preacher Shannon Burns


 Preacher Stacey Lane

 Preacher Jack Tripp


Preacher David Mattox


Preacher Gary Greer


Preacher Scott Poole




 Preacher Fred Morris



 Preacher David Epps


Preacher Don Savell



 Preacher Bud Rowe


 Preacher Brian Faircloth


 Preacher Barry Wall


Preacher John Worley


  Preacher Joey Mills


Preacher Ethan Greene & Preacher Michael Greene

*two sets of Father & son preachers! What a Blessing!


Preacher Caleb Curtis

Preacher Gary Sparks
 Preacher Davy Shelton
Preacher Bob Haynes
Preacher & Mrs. Jeff Davison
Preacher & Mrs. Lynn Stewart
Preacher Ben Mayo
Nathanael Preaches like his Great Uncle Dean Shepherd
(Uncle Dean went home to be with the Lord May 3, 2016)
Preacher Rocky Shelton

Preacher Sammy Kiser
Preacher Keith Russell

Preacher Durant Barr
 Preacher Jeff Cox

Preacher Randy Hobbs

 Preacher Allen Laws


Preacher Robert Hale


Preacher Tom Gilliam


 Preacher Nathan Parker


Preacher Travis Price


Preacher David McNill


Preacher Phillip Brock


Preacher Mike Norman


Preacher Phillip Yarber


Preacher Randy Barton


Preacher Howard Goolsby

Preacher Jerry Allen


Preacher Duain Whittemore


Preacher Michael Owenby


Preacher Ken Poarch


Preacher Cody Hill


Preacher Buster Kinsey


Preacher Josh Russell & Preacher Josh Byrd


Preacher Randy Wilson

Bro. Wilson just had surgery -

 wasn't able to wear his shirt and tie - We were thrilled he

 was able to be at church and on the mend!! 


Preacher Taylor Pennell


Preacher Matt Morgan


Preacher Joe Bryant


Preacher John Kinsey


Preacher Hunter Park


Preacher Matthew Poole


Preacher Bo Caulder


Preacher Jimmy Cox


Preacher Dillan Bolt


Preacher James Henson


Preacher David Sellers


Preacher Ray Cribb


Preacher & Mrs. Mark Thrift


Preacher J Barnes


Preacher Jimmy Jones


Preacher Dean Powers


Preacher John Morgan


Preacher Phillip Kuykendall


Preacher David Sellars


Preacher Jim Bo Seaton


Preacher & Mrs. Keith Allison


Preacher & Mrs. JD Grassy


Preacher Joel Logan


Preacher Eric Blankenship