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UPDATE -3-16-18
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Dear Friends & Family,


What a Blessing to serve the Lord with our Family!  We are so thankful that the Lord chooses to use us. It is a Privilege to go where He opens the door and to Preach and sing for Him! We thank Our Lord for helping us to KEEP STANDING on HIS WORD and ITS TRUTHS, even when it is not popular.


Thank you for your prayers for us, our ministry, and our safety.  We can feel them!!!!

It is a blessing to see the Lord move and work among His people - giving help and strength. We are thankful for the love, care and safety that He provides each day on this wonderful journey that He has put us on.


We would love to hear from you!   We would love to know how you are doing!   We lovegetting mail,  e-mails, snail mail,  text messages, voice mail....  We just love mail from our family and friends and even from folks we haven't had the privilege to meet yet!   Hope to hear from you soon!


We thank the Lord for all his blessings!  He is so Amazing!  What a Blessing to see Him meet needs that only He knew about and only He could take care of the need!  We praise His name and give Him ALL the glory!!!


We hope you will join us as we pray for Revival in our Families, Our Churches, and in America! We are praying for President Trump - for his safety and that he will be saved!! What a Great day in America that would be.


We thank the Lord for you - our family and friends!


We Love you,

Bro. John & Tammy


Isaac & Jesse


John Carl & Hallie

Carl & Rachel & Emma