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             John Carl & Hallie
           Carl, Rachel, Emma,
James, Charles, Thomas, Daniel

 Nathanael & Chansley



Jesse    Tammy    John    Isaac


We thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for Salvation and another year to serve Him, in Preaching, Singing, and Encouraging the brethren!  What a Blessing to serve the Lord, together as a family, watching and listening for His soon return.  We thank the Lord for the Blessings of seeing precious souls saved!

This year we again have seen our Lord supply all our needs and give us protection every mile of the way!  Thank you for your prayers and support and your continued prayers for John since his stroke in March.  John is still traveling, Preaching, and Singing and we are so very thankful!!

John & Tammy celebrated 35 years of marriage in August, love being parents and enjoy being Grandaddy and Gran to our Grandbabies, who are truly Grand!

John Carl & Hallie serve the Lord at Ingleside Baptist in Landrum, SC (where John Carl is the music director) with their 7 children.  Carl is 8, Rachel is 6, Emma is 5, James is 4, Charles will be 3 in March, Thomas is 1, and Daniel is 6 months old.  They are homeschooling a 2nd grader, a 1st grader, and a kindergartner.  It's a joy to see and hear them sing together as a family.

Nathanael & Chansley enjoy singing together.  They serve the Lord at Unity Baptist (our home church) in woodruff, SC , where Nathanael is the song leader and Chansley is the pianist.  Nathanael preaches away as the Lord open doors and had the privilege to fill in for our pastor for 2 months this year.

It is a joy to travel with Isaac & Jesse.  Isaac is our main driver.  Jesse is doing most of the guitar picking and what a Blessing to hear them play their instruments and sing for the Lord!

We would like to invite you to visit each page of our webpage; Our calendar and journey page, and songs from our last CD on our music page.   We have links to our You Tube channel for preaching & singing and a link to John Carl's webpage and Pictures too.

We love you and we thank the Lord for you... Our Family and Friends.

We pray you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

     John & Tammy   Isaac,  Jesse


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