John Carl & Hallie

Carl, Rachel, Emma

James, Charles

Jesse, Tammy, John, Isaac

 Nathanael & Chansley


What a Year 2020 has been!  We have learned new terms; pandemic, face coverings, covid, etc.  Yet with new terms we are reminded of the Old Old Story, for in Christ we are free indeed.

With the help of Friends and like-minded churches, we have had a good year!  God is Good!  All our needs He has supplied!  We hope this letter and Pictures brings cheer to you and your family.

Tammy, Isaac, Jesse, and myself are still traveling with Isaac doing most of the driving.  We have been in both the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee.  Some new places, some familiar places, but all for God's Glory! Preaching, Praying, Shouting and Singing!  We thank the Lord for all the precious souls He saved this year!!  We are thankful for the Lord giving us a few new songs to sing and even more thankful for all the songs and hymns that are tried and true and have been a Blessing to sing for all these years serving our Wonderful Savior!

Our health has remained good.  None of us have had covid and we are grateful to the Lord.  Covid has made our travel challenging as many places (food and fuel) have been closed.  Yet, we have made it with God's help.

Isaac's smile brings joy and blessings to hearts everywhere we go.  When home he is always working on a new project.  You can see some of them on his You Tube channel at knight16.

Jesse graduated from High School in June of this year.  His Graduation service was a Blessing.  Homeschooling our boys for 23 years was a Blessing!  It has been a bitter-sweet year, not having anyone in school.

John Carl is still serving the Lord at Ingleside with Hallie and the Children.  They began their homeschooling journey this year with Carl in Kindergarten, who is 6.  Rachel is 4, Emma is 3, James is 2, Charles Matthew was born in March, and a new baby boy is due to arrive in May.

Nathanael & Chansley continue to serve the Lord at Unity, our home church.  Nathanael Preached Jesse's Graduation.  We enjoyed being with them in several services this year.

We love you and we thank the Lord for you...our Family and Friends.  We pray you will keep serving the Lord during these difficult days as we wait on His soon return to come get His children.  And because our Lord lives in our hearts and is with us each day no matter what we go through we can wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

                                          John & Tammy,       Isaac      Jesse

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