Lancaster Family Updates
      November 22nd, 2022



Dear Family & Friends,

On our Calendar Page.... if you will hit the drop box.... you will find our Journey pages.

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We are excited to have our New CD on our Music Page. We Pray it will be a Blessing and an encouragement to you and your family.  Three of the songs were written by our son, John Carl Lancaster. This album was recorded by our son, Nathanael Lancaster.

We are watching and listening for Our Lord to return! We Pray you are ready!  If you're not ready to meet Him, IT'S NOT TOO LATE! Trust in Jesus!  Its the BEST decision you will ever make!

Please check out John Carl's website!

 John Carl has each song written out and the story behind writing them.  You can also listen to them.



We encourage you in 2022 to keep serving the Lord during these days in this difficult world, that is NOT our home! 

Feel free to call or text: 

John             864-680-5613

Tammy        864-381-2644

Isaac            864-323-7806


(More information on our contact page)

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